The 8 Page Resume – A Great Way to Damage Your Career Prospects

The 8 Page Resume – A Great Way to Damage Your Career Prospects

We all know the importance of having a quality Resume document when applying for jobs. Whilst there are many reasons people fail to secure interviews, ‘bloated’ Resume documents are one of the key reasons people don’t make it past the initial shortlisting.

The Resume should be a snapshot of a person’s working life and career achievements at the time of its creation. Yet, it often ends up being an over bloated monologue of every work-related activity that has occurred since high school.

Why? In simple terms, your Resume is YOU! Most people have a strong personal investment in their Resume, as it’s all about them. When people read their Resume, they often reflect on the jobs they’ve had over the years, the people they’ve worked with, their successes and failures, and even the distress and elation they felt when moving on to other challenges. People are loath to present a document entirely about themselves unless it presents them (by their own assessment) in the best possible light.

So, here we have the root of the problem. You may have taken the minutes of a 5-minute staff briefing every day in 1995, but that task and the skillset required to complete it would not reflect your skillset today. That minute taking skill that you honed so expertly 21 years ago, is irrelevant to an employer who is assessing you for an admin manager’s position today. You see, that employer takes it as a given that you have those core skills and competencies within you, since your professional work history is all about administration work.

What you’ve done over the last 10 odd years is far more relevant and closer to where and what level you are operating at today. So, following on from that should be an acceptance that your year 12 math’s results, and the best effort award for soccer you received 28 years ago, are only taking up valuable space in a document that needs to be anywhere from 2 to 4 pages. That length is dependent on the specific job requirements, the industry standards, and the length of time you have been in the workforce. Clearly, there are always exceptions to these broad guidelines based on individual position requirements.

Punchy, succinct, vibrant and highlighting your professional skills and successes is where you should be aiming for. There is no silver bullet, and having an engaging succinct Resume won’t guarantee success. It is just one piece of the puzzle that needs to be done right.
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