Site Safety Assessments – Take 5

Site Safety Assessments – Take 5

Anyone who’s stepped onto a construction site in recent years will have heard the term ‘Take 5’ during safety related discussions.  So, for new entrants to the industry it is an important concept to know and understand.  With that in mind we devote the third blog in our ‘Safety First’ series to Take 5 and Site Safety Assessments.

Take 5 is all about teaching and empowering employees to take responsibility for safety when undertaking tasks on a worksite.  Take 5 is not as formalised as Safe Operating Procedures or Safe Work Method Statements, but is as equally important in the whole ‘Safety First’ concept.

The Take 5 process is often broken down into 5 key steps.  The titles of each step differ from company to company and site to site, but the underlying concepts are the same.  So, let’s flesh out the 5 steps a bit further.

  • STOP AND LOOK – Before commencing a task, stop, and assess the work area for any potential hazards.
  • REVIEW – Before commencing a task, consider all the steps and processes involved in completing it, then ensure you have the right tools and equipment to safely do the job.
  • RISK ASSESSMENT/IDENTIFICATION – Upon identifying the potential risks and hazards, consider the danger/damage relating to the risks.  i.e. consider what could possibly happen to you and others on the site.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT – Report any identified risks to supervisors and management so they can investigate and take appropriate action.

5START WORK – After the risks have been identified and mitigated, it’s time to start work.  Undertake the task in a safe and professional manner.

For new entrants to the civil construction industry, ‘Take 5’ is covered in a range of relevant courses.  The Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations (RII30815) that’s currently offered through A1 Group Training is a good example.  With renowned trainer Danny McCartin facilitating the training, course participants complete 19 units with information relating to workplace health and safety policies and procedures being covered.  (If you’re interested in this course, CSQ funding is available to eligible applicants.)  Site Risk Assessments and ‘Take 5’ fall within that content, as they do in a range of other courses.

Knowing this information will help workers to meet their duties under Workplace Health and Safety legislation in Queensland.  If it seems a bit overwhelming, then link up with a registered training organisation that delivers nationally recognised training, AND in a way that all participants will understand.  It makes ensuring safety on the job site so much easier!

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