Hierarchy of Control – Reducing Risk Systematically

Hierarchy of Control – Reducing Risk Systematically

Research tells us that many blog readers like to sit down in the morning with a good coffee and the latest blogs hitting the web.  No doubt, the A1 Group Training blogs would be top of the list! So, hitting you with the ‘Hierarchy of Control’ topic upfront might be a risky move and cause a few eyes to glaze over and flatten the froth on your cappuccino.But bear with us as we strip this down and lay it out for you quickly and simply.

Safety and everything to do with it is central to working on construction sites, mines or across industry in general.So, to make the issue of safety a lot more down to earth for people to digest easily (just like that cappuccino) the Hierarchy of Control gives you some simple structured options or steps for reducing and managing risk.  Let’s lay them out…..

  • Elimination – Completely remove the actual cause of the danger.  (e.g. Wipe up the spilled water so people don’t slip.)
  • Substitution – This is about managing risk. You reduce or eliminate the danger by replacing it with another way to achieve the same outcome.  (e.g. Use Elevated Work Platforms rather than ladders.)
  • Isolation – Keep people and the risk separated.  (e.g. Place barriers and signage to keep people away from the risk.)
  • Engineering – Reduce or eliminate risk by making physical alternations to machinery and sites etc.  (e.g. Installing protective shields over cutting machinery to prevent arms and hands from contacting blades.)
  • Administration – Reduce risk to administrative policies and processes.(e.g. Manage fatigue related dangers by rotating people through jobs at intervals.Install highly visual and permanent signage in higher risk areas.)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Reduce or eliminate risk by mandating the use of appropriate PPE.(e.g. Firefighters wearing protective fire resistant clothing, gloves, and helmets.Factory workers wearing earplugs and goggles etc.)

So, there you have it.  Quick, simple, but very relevant.  For new entrants to industry, the 6 Steps are well covered in a range of courses.Take the civil construction industry as an example and the Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations (RII30815) that’s offered through A1 Group Training.  With industry renowned trainer Danny McCartin facilitating the training, course participants complete 19 units with information including the Hierarchy of Control and other material relating to workplace health and safety.(If you’re interested in this course, CSQ funding is available to eligible applicants.)

If you don’t want your eyes to glaze over or drink a flat cappuccino, then link up with a registered training organisation that delivers nationally recognised training, AND in a way you will understand.  It makes ensuring safety on the job site so much easier!

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