Are You The Go to Person at Work? If so, Become a Trainer!

Are You The Go to Person at Work? If so, Become a Trainer!

It’s common for many businesses to have a ‘go to person’.  When someone needs help, they head straight to that individual who knows everything about the business and can answer all their questions.  When operational challenges appear, we all know who gets nominated to fix the problem.  More importantly, when new staff members are inducted, the ‘go to person’ is usually nominated to mentor them as they start to build their skills.

So, what makes some people slide so effortlessly in to that role, whilst others couldn’t provide that essential support even if their life depended on it?

The ‘go to person’ often demonstrates the personality and behavioural traits of many professional trainers.

Just as great training is more than a trainer reading content from a book, the ‘go to person’ doesn’t solely use the instructional manual to build the skill levels of new team members.  Great trainers engage their students and draw them in with their expert knowledge of the subject area, and excite them by explaining complex ideas in simple straight forward English.  The ‘go to person’ will also  raw people to them with their expert knowledge of most aspects of the business, and can effortlessly explain policies and procedures in a straight forward and easy to remember manner.

Great trainers treat all course participants equally whether they are 18 or 88, but at the same time recognise that each person learns differently, has differing skill levels and may need extra support to successfully complete their training.  That is also the philosophy of most ‘go to people’.  Great trainers and ‘go to people’ are those whom we remember years later when telling stories to family and friends, because they had an impact on our life and career.

Great trainers make average training ‘great’, and exceptional ‘go to people’ help build productive and highly skilled teams in many businesses.  Make no mistake about that!

So, if you’ve been reading this blog and it strikes you that the ‘go to person’ in your workplace is you, then consider becoming a workplace trainer and use your skills and expertise to develop the next batch of achievers in your company.  Workplace training qualifications, be they at Certificate or Diploma level are available through many Registered Training Organisations, so don’t waste time and explore your options.

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